Pioneer Plants

Situated in the Hertfordshire village of Willian, Pioneer Nurseries was originally established a century ago by the Letchworth Pioneers, founders of the world’s first Garden City, to supply plants that would beautify their town. Since 2000, John Hoyland and Nick Downing have continued this tradition of growing beautiful, healthy plants – from the common-or-garden to the rare and the new.

John Hoyland is a regular contributor to the pages of gardening publications, particularly Gardens Illustrated magazine.  He is also Gardens Adviser to Glyndebourne and advises on several private gardens.

At Pioneer Plants it is our love of plants, as the raw materials for creating our own versions of Eden, that excites and inspires us. We hope that you will be able to visit us.  We are sure that you will find plants to help you in building your own corner of paradise.  

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